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Welcome to Simply Prima, a place where passion for quality and love for culinary diversity converge to create something truly exceptional. Our name, inspired by the German exclamation of approval, “Einfach PRIMA!” meaning “really good!” embodies the essence of what we strive to achieve – to bring to your table foods that are not just good but simply exceptional in every sense.

At the heart of Simply Prima is a story of passion, tradition, and a deep-seated love for cooking. This journey began amidst the warmth of family dinners, where food served as the centerpiece, bringing together loved ones and creating lasting bonds amidst the nomadic tapestry of moving across the country. It’s here, in the laughter, stories, and shared meals, that my love for cooking and bringing people together truly blossomed.

With a personal commitment to a gluten-free diet since 2004, long before it became a mainstream trend, I’ve navigated the challenging waters of dietary restrictions firsthand. The journey was not without its hurdles, as the early days of gluten-free living meant limited options and a constant search for suitable, tasty foods. This experience sparked a desire within me to make a difference, leading to the creation of Simply Prima. Our mission is clear: to provide access to high-quality foods made from natural ingredients, honoring a wide array of ethnic cuisines and catering to various dietary needs.

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Simply Prima stands as a testament to the belief that food should not only nourish the body but also delight the senses and bring joy. Our handcrafted selections are meticulously prepared with controlled ingredients, ensuring that every bite meets our stringent standards for quality, taste, and dietary inclusivity. Whether you’re exploring gluten-free options, adhering to a specific dietary regimen, or simply in pursuit of culinary excellence, our offerings are designed with you in mind.

As you indulge in our creations, we hope that the very first thought that crosses your mind is that it is, indeed, “simply good.” Beyond good, we aim for extraordinary, capturing the essence of shared meals, familial bonds, and the universal joy of discovering new flavors.

Thank you for choosing Simply Prima. We’re honored to be a part of your culinary journey and excited to share with you the richness of flavors that has inspired our journey. Here’s to food that brings us together, celebrates diversity, and embodies the simple yet profound pleasure of a meal well enjoyed.


“The only thing you need to do is reheat and eat.”

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